Guidance Letter A-025


SUBJECT:  Library Patron Conduct Guidelines

  1. Any individual identified by College Library personnel as exhibiting unacceptable behavior according to CSCC policy will be asked to cease the behavior or leave the library.
  2. If the individual refuses to comply or is non-responsive, campus security will be called immediately. Campus security pager and phone numbers shall be posted by all telephones.
  3. Information regarding any incident will be documented on the attached form, and forwarded to the Director of Library Services. Copies of the reports will be retained in the Library administrative files. This information is confidential but may be used in any decision to restrict the individual’s future use of the library. Since the name or other identification of the individual may not always be accessible, a complete physical description of the person involved will be included in the report.
  4. In addition, documentation of the incident will be immediately forwarded to the following offices, depending on the individual involved.

Student involvement: Report to Vice President of Student Services
Faculty involvement: Report to Vice-President for Academic Affairs
Staff involvement: Report to Director of Human Resources
Community involvement: Report to Director of Security

Approved by: Curriculum and Academic Standards February 7, 2013; President’s Cabinet February 19, 2013.


Attachment 1

Cleveland State Community College Library

Appropriate Patron Behavior
Incidence Report Form

Please provide description of unacceptable behavior reported and description of any action taken (e.g. person was asked to leave and did so; second staff member called for support; security called, security escorted person from the library, etc.)

PATRON NAME (if available) or DESRIPTION: _____________________________________

DATE OF INCIDENT: ___________________________________________________________

DESCRIPTION OF INCIDENT:  (include actions taken)




REPORTED BY:  _______________________________________

WITNESS:  _____________________________________________




Attachment 2

Submit form to Library Director
Personnel guidelines for the handling of occurrences of inappropriate behavior:

Handling such occurrences in the appropriate manner may be challenging and intimidating.  Several decisions are involved when choosing the appropriate mode of action and include the following:

  1. Where to confront the incident – DO not allow yourself to be isolated in an office or separate classroom.
  2. Who or what to take along – Do not take anything that would appear or be perceived to be a defensive weapon which might escalate the situation.  DO take something such as a sheet of paper, magazine.  This gives you something to do with your hands.  Alert other staff regarding the situation before you go.
  3. What to say – THINK about what you will say ahead of time. Stay calm and speak simply – being direct and impersonal.  Approach the patron slowly and give the person plenty of space.  Keep something such as a table, chair or desk between yourself and the patron.  Do not respond emotionally.  Concentrate on the problem resolution using active listening.  Respond with acknowledgement of the patron’s viewpoint.
  4. Use your skills of evaluation and as soon as you perceive a safety issue or before you become upset, CALL security.
  5. Other staff who have been made aware of an impending stressful encounter should accept the responsibility of observing the incident and calling security, if necessary.