Guidance Letter A-026


SUBJECT: Mobile Device Lending

Cleveland State Community College (CSCC) lends mobile devices to support student learning; they are not available for check out to expired CSCC patrons or to community members. A mobile device is defined as any portable computing device, including but not limited to laptops and tablets.

The college assumes no responsibility for any loss of or damage to data resulting from the use of a mobile device.  Any applications or data downloaded by the borrower will be deleted upon return of the mobile device.

The borrower must present an active (non-expired) CSCC ID card and sign the agreement form in order to check out a mobile device. If a patron borrows a mobile device restricted to in-library use, the device may be considered stolen if taken outside of the building.

The mobile device must be used in accordance with the CSCC Computer Use Policy.

The borrower is responsible for returning the mobile device in the same condition in which it was checked out and may be held responsible for repair or replacement charges if the mobile device is damaged while checked out.

The mobile device must be returned to a CSCC staff member at the location where it was originally borrowed. Borrowers should report any need for mobile device maintenance to staff at the borrowing location.

See attachment for Borrower Responsibility Agreement.

Revised by: Curriculum and Academic Standards 12/10/15; President’s Cabinet 1/12/16