Guidance Letter A-055


SUBJECT:  AAPP Testing Exemptions for Students with Prior, Transfer, and Non-Traditional Credit

The following applies for students who have accumulated college credits.  Students who have been awarded prior credit and/or transfer credit, with a grade of  ā€œCā€ or better, and/or non-traditional learning credit in accordance with ClSCC Policies 2:01:00:00 and 2:01:01:00 and ClSCC Guidance Letters A-030 and A-040, are exempt from AAPP testing as stipulated below.

  • Exempt from AAPP Writing component:  Students who have completed college level English Composition.
  • Exempt from AAPP mathematics component:  Students who have completed a college level Mathematics course.
  • Exempt from the AAPP Reading component:  Students who have completed two college level courses from the following list:
    • All Accounting (ACC) courses
    • All Agriculture (AGR) courses
    • All Astronomy (AST) courses
    • All Biology (BIO) courses
    • All Basic Police Training (BPT) courses (except activity)
    • All Business (BUS) courses (except BUS 1010)
    • All chemistry (CHE) courses (except CHE 1010)
    • All Computer Information Systems (CIS) courses (except CIS 1010 and CIS 1110)
    • All Criminal Justice (CJP) courses
    • All Communications (COM) courses
    • All Economics (ECO) courses
    • All Education (EDU) courses
    • All English (ENG) courses (except ENG 1110)
    • All Foreign Language (FRE, GER, SPA) courses
    • All Geography (GEO) courses
    • All Health Education (HED) courses
    • All History (HIS) courses
    • All Human Services Specialist (HSS) courses
    • All Humanities (HUM) courses
    • All Industrial Technology (INT) courses (except INT 1110, INT 1120, INT 1320, and INT 1330)
    • All Law (LAW) courses
    • All Management (MGT) courses
    • All Medical Lab Technician (MLT) courses
    • All Nursing (NUR) courses
    • All Physical Education (PED) courses (Theory based courses only)
    • All Physics (PHY) courses
    • All Political Science (POL) courses
    • All Psychology (PSY) courses
    • All Real Estate (RES) courses
    • All Speech (SPE) courses (except SPE 2310)
  • Exempt from all AAPP testing components:  Students who have accumulated 60 or more college level semester credit hours (90 quarter credit hours) with a QPA of 2.0 or better and who have no history of previous AAPP assessment requiring developmental studies courses which have not yet been completed.

Source:    TBR Guideline A-100; Admissions Sub-Committee Meeting of April 25, 1994; and Curriculum and Academic Standards Committee Meetings of June 8 and August 16, 1994