Guidance Letter A-065


Subject: Learning Support Alert Procedures

In compliance with TBR Guideline A-100, the college’s procedures for working with those students who have been placed on Learning Support Alert for not demonstrating “appropriate mastery learning” in the same Learning Support (LS) course after two attempts is as follows:

  • During the first class meeting for all LS courses, students will complete an information sheet providing a list of LS courses they have taken in that discipline and the competencies mastered.
  • The Lead Instructors for LS courses will review a report of all two-time unsuccessful LS students each semester.
  • Each discipline will distribute these lists to all LS instructors within the first week of class.
  • Based on the reports and the students’ information sheets, instructors will identify and notify students of their alert status and schedule a meeting with individual students to determine an action plan for improved success.
  • Students will be accountable to their classroom instructors for carrying out specific plans.
  • Along with the usual methods of class communication, instructors will utilize the ClSCC early alert process to contact those students needing additional support to improve learning.

In addition to course grades, the college will record progress and completions of all Learning Support competencies in Banner so that students will not be required to repeat interventions for which mastery learning has been demonstrated.

Source:  TBR Guideline A-100

Approved by: Academic Council on April 4, 2013.  President’s Cabinet on April 16, 2013.