Guidance Letter B-020


SUBJECT:  Procedures for Acquiring Data Processing Equipment

  1. Definitions
    For the purpose of this procedure, “data processing equipment/software/services” is defined as any hardware, software, or service which is used or potentially could be used in conjunction with or which will affect the institution’s data processing capabilities, both academic and administrative.  The major categories included are:
    1. Computers and peripherals.
    2. Communications and terminals.
    3. Unit record and data entry equipment.
    4. Software leased or purchased.
    5. Services such as time-sharing secured at a cost from sources outside of the institution.
    6. Data processing consulting services.
    7. Microprocessors.
    8. Word Processing.
  2. “Acquiring”
    The term “acquiring” denotes any form of acquisition (regardless of source of funds) including, but not limited to a rental, lease, purchase, trade or gift.
  3. Changes in Data Processing Equipment
    All changes in data processing equipment shall be accomplished in accordance with the current institutional data processing plan, with review by the institution’s computer resources committee and with the approval of the President of the institution.
  4. Approval Process
    Request for approval to acquire data processing equipment must be presented to the Computer Advisory Committee.  The request for approval will include:  (a) justification for acquisition or service and (b) approximate expenditure.
    Upon receipt, the Computer Advisory Committee will review the request and communicate with the originator concerning any additional information which may be necessary. Recommendations regarding the request will be made to the President by the Committee.

Source:  TBR Guideline No. B-030
Revised:  January 1, 1993, March 17, 1994