Guidance Letter B-030


SUBJECT:  Athletic Travel

  1. General
    Policies on athletic travel will comply with TBR Policy No. 4:03:03:00, subject "General Travel Policies and Procedures," except as specifically provided below.  All travel except travel with the team must comply with all provisions of TBR policy.
  2. Away Events
    1. The coach or sponsor with the particular team sport submits a travel request, including a list of those recommended to be authorized to travel.  A dollar amount is submitted per person traveling to pay for meals and/or lodging.  The request is forwarded through the Athletic Director, Dean of Financial Affairs, and to the college President for approval.
    2. Criteria for Determining Eligibility to Travel:
      1. Must be a member of the team of that particular sport, or
      2. Coaches associated with that particular sport, or
      3. Cheerleaders and Chaperons (all expenses for cheerleaders and chaperons are charged to the cheerleader budget), or
      4. Athletic Director, or
      5. President and/or other individuals approved by the President, or
      6. Vehicle drivers
    3. Lodging - A determination is made as to the number of rooms required at the hotel or motel for the persons traveling.  The amount approved is for the expense for the total number of rooms plus tax.
      The hotel is paid by the coach traveling with the team.  This amount may not exceed the amount authorized per person in Board Policy 4:03:03:00.
    4. Meals - The coach determines the amount required for meals per person while traveling, which must be approved by the President.  This amount is given to each person traveling with the team and each individual then pays for meals out of this amount.  This amount may not exceed the amount authorized per person in the Board Policy.  The time schedule contained in Paragraph VI, 3 of Board Policy 4:03:03:00 is not specifically followed.  The authorization for meals is based upon the meal needs of the student during the travel.  For example, should the team leave at l:00 p.m., they would probably be furnished a meal between 3:00 and 4:30 p.m. and another meal after the game.
    5. Travel Advances - Team members do not submit individual vouchers for reimbursement.  The coach traveling with the team receives l00% advance for the expenses approved by the President.  At the end of the trip, the coach submits a final voucher showing the amount expended including receipts where required.  Receipts are obtained from each person traveling with the team for the amount given for meals.


Related:  TBR Policy No. 4:03:03:00                      

Revised:  January 1, 1993