Guidance Letter B-040


SUBJECT:  Athletic Ticket Guidelines                        

  1. General Ticket Procedures
    1. The Director of Athletics will be responsible for overseeing athletic ticket sales.
    2. Numbered general admission tickets will be used for all home athletic contests.
    3. Tickets will be disbursed from the business office to the Director of Athletics or his designee. Tickets will be purchased from an outside vendor, and will be sold for individual games, or in the event of double-header events (i.e., two baseball games on the same date, men’s and women’s basketball games on the same date, or volleyball matches with multiple opponents on the same date), tickets will admit the holder to  both/all events occurring on the same date.
    4. General admission tickets for Volleyball, men’s and women’s basketball, softball and baseball will all be sold for $7.00 and include sales tax. General admission tickets will be for ages 12 and up. Children under 12 will be admitted to event free of charge, and without a ticket.
    5. Pre-numbered tickets will be given to the patron, and the other part of the ticket will remain with the ticket vendor to be used to check against gate receipts.
    6. Cleveland State students will be admitted with a current CSCC ID.  Special student tickets will be issued so that a count of students attending may be made.  The value of student tickets will be the same as that of general admission tickets.  
    7.  Current Cleveland State employees and retirees with appropriate ID will be admitted at no charge.
    8. There will be no designated seating areas for students, faculty, or visitors.
  2. Season Ticket Package Sales
    The athletic department will advertise season ticket packages to the general public at a discounted rate for  each season sport. These season ticket packages will be marketed to families of student-athletes, as well  as to the general public.
  3. Athletic Fundraising Billboard Packages
    Contributors to the Athletic Program through billboard advertisers will receive sports season passes based on their level of contribution.
  4. Invited guests
    A list of special guests invited to particular athletic events by Athletic Department staff or other college officials will be located at the ticket gate area, and a record of those attending will be kept.  Guests will be admitted at no charge, and without a ticket.
  5. Athletics Restricted Account
    1. All revenue from ticket sales will be deposited in an Athletics Restricted Account.
    2. The value of student tickets issued will be debited to the Student Activities Restricted Account and deposited to the Athletic Restricted Account.
    3. All expenses incurred related to ticket sales (sales tax, ticket inventory, ticket-takers, etc.)  will be paid from the Athletic Restricted Account.
    4. Net revenue from ticket sales will be applied to athletic scholarships at the conclusion of the year.

Revised:  August 30, 2017