Guidance Letter B-040


SUBJECT:  Athletic Ticket Guidelines                        

  1. General Ticket Procedures
    1. The number of pre-numbered tickets to be printed for use in athletic events will be approved by the President of the college.
    2. The pre-numbered athletic tickets will be disbursed from the Business Office to the Athletic Director prior to each scheduled athletic event.
    3. General admission tickets for basketball games (men and women) will be $2 for ages l2 and above, and those under l2 years of age will be charged $l.  If only one game is played (men or women), the charge will be $l per person.
    4. There will be no designated seating areas for students, visitors, etc.
    5. There will be two designated areas for tickets.  One area will be for student admission and all other admissions at the regular charge. The other will be for complimentary tickets.  Cleveland State Community College student ID's must be presented for free admission.
    6. The pre-numbered tickets will be duplicate tickets.  One ticket will be given to the patron (student or other) and the duplicate ticket retained by the attendant at the ticket selling point.  This will serve as a check against gate receipts and tickets issued.
    7. The value of student tickets issued will be debited to the Student Activities Fee Restricted Account and credited to the appropriate athletic account, i.e. men's basketball, women's basketball.
  2. Complimentary Tickets
    1. A listing of all known complimentary tickets to be issued shall be prepared by the Athletic Director and approved by the President prior to the event.  The listing shall contain the recipient's name, the account charged, the cost, and the purpose for issuing the ticket.  The recipients of these complimentary tickets must sign for them as they are distributed to them at the time of the event.
    2. All other complimentary tickets will be issued at the gate at the time of the event.  A list shall be maintained of all complimentary tickets issued at the gate and shall contain the signature of the recipients, the account charged, the regular cost of admission, and the purpose of issuing the complimentary tickets.
    3. The complimentary tickets that are issued will be debited to the Cougar Club Agency Account and credited to the appropriate athletic account.
  3. Special Passes
    Special pre-numbered passes will be distributed by the Athletic Director to concession workers, game officials, the Press, security officers assigned to the athletic event, participating team coaches, and other workers assigned to the event.
  4. Security
    Auxiliary policemen or campus security personnel will be on duty at all athletic events.
  5. Contracted Events
    Specific arrangements for contracted athletic events will be specified in a written contract and approved by the President.


Revised:  January 1, 1993