Guidance Letter B-061


SUBJECT:  Library Late Charges and Replacement Costs

Late Charges:

Five grace days will be given after the due date.  If the material has not been returned at the end of those days, a charge of $.25 per day per item will be levied.  Fines are not charged for non-class days or weekends.  The amount levied will not exceed the price of replacement of the item and/or $10, whichever amount is less.

Lost and/or Damaged Books:

Library books are protected under the Tennessee Code Title 39-Section 14.  The charge for lost or damaged books is based on replacement price of the item and may include binding costs.  Books which are out of print may also activate a replacement search cost.  Replacement copies may be purchased and given to the library in lieu of payment.  Damages to materials will be assessed on an item-by-item basis by librarians.
At the end of the semester, grade report and transcripts will be held for all students failing to return library materials or pay fines.

Lost and/or Damaged Videotapes/DVDs:

Charges for lost-/damaged original videotapes/DVDs are equal to the replacement price of the item.  Video/DVD copies are assessed at $12.50.


Source:  TBR Guideline B-060; Presidential approval dated May 1993; College catalog

Revised:  September 18, 1995, December 24, 2000, September 21, 2009; February 23, 2016