Guidance Letter B-090


SUBJECT: College Keys

The general principle utilized in the assignment of keys to employees is distribution on a needs basis. Requests for grand master keys must be submitted to the President in writing through appropriate supervisory personnel. The Vice President for Finance and Advancement or designee has the responsibility for approving all other key requests which also must be submitted in writing through appropriate supervisory personnel.

The employee who receives and uses keys assumes shared responsibility for the security of equipment and supplies in areas made accessible by the keys. Under no circumstances are keys to be duplicated by any unauthorized individual, and keys are not to be provided or "loaned" to non-employees or other unauthorized individuals (including family members). All keys must be returned to Human Resources when no longer needed or upon termination of employment.

College keys found in the possession of unauthorized personnel will be confiscated.

Locks will be rekeyed periodically or when it is clear that unauthorized personnel have access to an area.


Source: ClSCC Policy: 4:10:00:00


Revised: September 18, 2016