Guidance Letter G-070


SUBJECT:  Distinguished Graduate Award

  1. General
    The Distinguished Graduate Award recognized outstanding contributions to the overall advancement and betterment of Cleveland State Community College through academic achievement and institutional services.  An appropriate plaque or other recognition shall be presented to the recipient by the college.  An honorarium provided by the Cleveland state Community College Foundation may also accompany this award.
  2. Criteria for Nominations
    Nominees for the Distinguished Graduate Award must meet the following criteria:
    1. Have attended Cleveland State Community College for at least one academic year;
    2. Have met the graduation requirements since the previous commencement ceremony;
    3. Have applied for graduation; and
    4. Be enrolled in the necessary courses to graduate at the end of the spring term.
  3. Process Coordination
    The process for nominations for the Distinguished Graduate Award shall be coordinated by the Vice president for Student Services and the Coordinator of Student Programs and Activities.  In addition, a personal informational sheet will be sent to each candidate for completion and then reviewed by committee.
  4. Nomination Process
    Nominations should be solicited from faculty, staff, and students.  A brief biographical sketch should be included with each nomination.  The written recommendation should consist of a minimum of one paragraph and a maximum of one page.
  5. Selection Process
    A committee will review the nominations and determine the award recipient.  This committee will be composed of the college president, the president of the Foundation, the executive vice president and dean of the faculty, the Vice President for Student Services, The President the Faculty Senate, the previous year's Distinguished Graduate Award recipient, the president of the Student Senate and the president of the Staff Senate.        
    GPA will be verified with the Records Office.
    Students will be rated 1-10 in each of three categories:  academic achievements, contributions to the college, and contributions to the community.



Revised:  April 3, 1995; May 12, 1997; April 23, 1999