Guidance Letter G-090


SUBJECT:  Distinguished Faculty Award

  1. General
    Cleveland State Community College and the Cleveland State Community College Foundation sponsor a Distinguished Faculty Award which recognizes meritorious service by a faculty member of Cleveland State Community College.  The recipient of the award will be presented a plaque and a Foundation honorarium during the commencement ceremonies.  In recognition of the honor, the college will place funds in the recipient’s budget account for use at the recipient’s discretion to procure supplies, equipment and/or professional development.
  2. Criteria
    The following criteria determine how the recipient of the Distinguished Faculty Award will be selected:
    1. To be eligible for the award, an individual must be involved in full-time instruction.
    2. A candidate for this award should demonstrate service to the students above and beyond the norm and exhibit knowledge, characteristics and traits that contribute to student growth and development.
    3. Attributes to be considered include:
      1. A faculty member who makes learning interesting and encourages participation in learning.
      2. A faculty member who encourages college activities in all areas.
      3. A faculty member who is available to the students.
      4. A faculty member who is active in helping students develop a sense of inquiry.
      5. A faculty member who demonstrates concern in the total development and welfare of the students.
      6. A faculty member who is dedicated to the college and committed to academic excellence.
      7. A faculty member who has a consistent, supportive attitude and outlook toward students.
    4. The involvement of the faculty member in civic and community work which enhances the lives of others is a criterion for selection.
    5. The faculty member’s student evaluation results will be considered a part of the selection criteria.
  3. Nomination Process
    Each academic division should nominate one representative as a candidate for the award.  Academic schools eligible to make nominations include:
    1. Business and Technology
    2. Health and Wellness
    3. Liberal Arts
    4. Science and Mathematics
    The nominations should be forwarded to the Office of the President by the date specified.  Each nomination should include a statement from the dean outlining the accomplishments of the individual which warranted the nomination.  In addition, a personal information sheet will be sent to each candidate for completion and then reviewed by committee.
  4. Selection Process
    A seven-member committee will review the nominations and determine the award recipient.  This committee is composed of the college president, president of the Foundation, vice president for academic affairs, president of the Faculty Senate, president of the Student Senate, the previous year’s Distinguished Staff recipient, and the previous year’s Distinguished Faculty recipient.  The college president will serve as chairman of the committee.



Revised:  April 3, 1995; April 22, 1999; February 25, 2002