Guidance Letter G-110


SUBJECT:  Use of the Fitness/Wellness Center

  1. Use of the Fitness/Wellness Center
    The Fitness/Wellness Center is open to CSCC students, at no charge, during posted hours of operation.  Employees and their guests may use the facilities, during posted and other times, so long as:
    1. their activities do not interfere with any approved or scheduled events;
    2. their activities do not damage, or cause to be damaged, the facilities;
    3. employees invite only immediate family and/or a limited number of guests (generally six or fewer) to join them.  Family members and guests may not use the facilities without the presence of the employee host;
    4. employees and their guests refrain from activities that would put themselves or the college at risk; and
    5. individuals who have a duly authorized CSCC pass may use the facilities only during regular operating hours; however, a pass holder may not bring guests.
  2. Hours of Operation
    The hours of the Fitness/Wellness Center will be determined and posted for each semester.  Use may be restricted during scheduled class times.
  3. Warning
    The unsupervised use of the Fitness/Wellness Center may result in personal injury.  Any individual using the Fitness Center does so at his/her own risk and assumes the responsibility for an injury occurring as a result of such use.
  4. Injury or Property Loss or Damage
    Cleveland State will not be responsible for any personal injury or property loss or damage except that which arises from its own negligence.  Any claims resulting from Cleveland State's negligence must be filed with the Board of Claims or the Claims Commission of the State of Tennessee.  Damages recoverable against Cleveland State shall be limited to those paid by the Board of Claims or the Claims Commission pursuant to TCA section 9-8-301 et. seq   
  5. Children in the Fitness/Wellness Center
    No children under the age of 14 are permitted to use the Fitness Center.
  6. Use of Radios in the Fitness/Wellness Center
    Music, radios, etc. are prohibited unless headphones are in use.
  7. Use During Non-Operational Hours
    Staff members who wish to use the Fitness/Wellness Center at any time other than hours designated are responsible for having security provide access.  Staff members are responsible for securing the doors when leaving.  Negligence may make the staff member personally liable for personal injury or property damage or loss occurring as a result of his/her negligence.
  8. Guests
    Any employee who invites a guest to the Fitness/Wellness Center assumes personal responsibility for said guest and may be held personally liable for injury suffered by or caused by said guest.
  9. Failure to Exercise Proper Responsibility
    Any staff member who fails to exercise proper responsibility may have the privilege of access withdrawn.
  10. Supervision of the Fitness/Wellness Center
    The Fitness Center is under the direct supervision of the Fitness Coordinator in Campus Recreation and the Director of Athletics and Campus Recreation.  All inquiries should be directed to the Fitness Coordinator or the Director of Athletics and Campus Recreation.


Revised:  January 1, 1993; November 2, 1994; October 30, 1995; November 27, 2012