Guidance Letter G-130


SUBJECT:    Guidelines for Unofficial Withdrawal of Students and Date of Last Attendance for Title IV Recipients

  1. Purpose
    To establish guidelines for unofficial withdrawal of students and date of last class attendance for Title IV recipients.
  2. Scope
    This guideline applies to all recipients of Federal Title IV funds.
  3. Definition
    Students that drop out, leave, do not officially withdraw are commonly referred to as an “unofficial withdrawal.”
  4. Documentation to Establish the Last Date of Attendance
    Documentation will include the following:
    1.  Classroom Academic Activity –
      Instructors must keep classroom academic activity records for all students.  Full-time instructors may keep the grade books including academic activity records from semester until exhausted.  Once complete, the grade book must be kept in the appropriate Dean’s office.  Part-time instructors are required to turn in grade books at the end of each semester.
    2. Dates of exams in which the student(s) participated.
    3. The date a paper or other course work was submitted.
    4. Attendance in computer-aided instruction sessions.
    5. Monitoring through the Early Alert System.
    6. Attendance at tutorial sessions.
    7. Attendance at counseling sessions.
    8. Attendance at advisement sessions.
    9. Records pertaining to non-classroom records must be documented and kept by the appropriate office.
  5. Monitoring by the Office of Financial Aid.
    The Financial Aid Office will consider a student unofficially withdrawn if a student receives a grade of F in all classes at the end of the semester.
    The procedures are as follows:
    1. Instructors will verify last date of attendance for students receiving all “F” grades and document on grade roster at the end of the semester.
    2. Early Alert will be used as a tool for monitoring class attendance.
    3. Prior to the withdrawal deadline, warning letters will be mailed to students who are considered potential unofficial withdrawals (coded excessive absences on Early Alert).
    4. Last date of attendance will be entered and monitored from SIS PLUS System, screen SP1.
    5. Determination of Federal Pell and Federal SEOG repayments will be assessed if applicable.
    6. If a repayment is required, students will be notified in writing.