Guidance Letter P-032


SUBJECT: Credentialing and Other Eligibility Documentation of Adjunct Faculty

Cleveland State Community College requires the same credentials for all instructors. All credentialing conforms to SACSCOC guidelines. The credentialing procedure consists of two parts and is based on a review of the original transcripts and documentation of work experience, technical and performance competency, or other certification.

  1. The initial credential review is done by the Dean responsible for the discipline in which a adjunct faculty is scheduled to teach and the faculty in the area if appropriate. The credential check must be documented on the Faculty Credential Worksheet and, if necessary, the Faculty Qualifications Portfolio.  Only the Faculty Credential Worksheet needs to be completed for these faculty who are qualified based on the criteria specified in the Faculty Credentials Handbook.  If the potential faculty member does not meet the criteria specified in the Faculty Credentials Handbook, the Faculty Qualifications Portfolio must also be completed.
  2. The Faculty Credential Worksheet and, if completed, the Faculty Qualifications Portfolio are submitted to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for review.  If the Faculty Qualifications Portfolio was completed, the Vice President for Academic Affairs will present it to the Academic Council for review.  After all checks are completed, the faculty files containing all documentation cited above are kept with the College’s personnel files in the Human Resource Office.

Source:    Comprehensive Standard 3.7.1 of the Principles of Accreditation

Revised:  October 26, 2015

Approved by:  Academic Dean’s Council October 26, 2015; President’s Cabinet November 17, 2015