Guidance Letter P-050


SUBJECT:  Extra Compensation for Consulting Services

  1. Separate from the issues of outside employment addressed in Policy 5:01:05:00, employees may receive extra compensation from the institution for consulting services provided to communities, groups, and agencies outside the institution.  Usually these are services in the form of technical assistance using the expertise of the employee and applying it to the problems of the community, groups, and agencies.
  2. Extra compensation paid to an employee by the Institution for additional work beyond regularly assigned duties is limited to a maximum of 20 percent of the employee’s contracted annual/academic year salary.
  3. Consulting services may be performed during non-duty days while employee is on approved leave, or at other times designated by the institution.
  4. The proposed consulting services:
    1. Must not constitute a conflict of interest or compete with the education, research, or public service programs of Cleveland State Community College.
    2. If involving employment with other agencies, departments, or institutions of State government, including state institutions of higher education, is subject to the prior approval of the President or his designee and the appropriate representative of the agency, department, or institution.
    3. If involving the use of institutional equipment, facilities, or services, must have institutional approval and must include provisions for reimbursing the college for any use of equipment, facilities, or services involving unusual costs.
  5. Employees desiring to provide consulting services for extra compensation should submit a request through their immediate supervisor to the President, which describes the nature and duration of services to be provided, and the amount of payment that will be made to the institution.

Related:  TBR Policy 5:02:04:00

Revised:  March 24, 1995