Guidance Letter P-070


SUBJECT:  Annual Review of Salaries

The process that governs the annual review of salaries for administrators, faculty, and support staff is dictated by the budget guidelines provided by the Department of Finance and Administration to the Board of Regents.  The guidelines are interpreted by TBR staff members, and specific guidelines are forwarded to the institutions.

Board guidelines typically dictate the percentage of salary increases to be given, and flexibility in a given year may or may not be allowed.  Guidelines typically address promotions and salary inequities (e.g., those resulting from degree upgrades, changes in responsibilities, changes in position assignments or emphasis on the position, etc.).  When flexibility is allowed, specific requirements may be specified (i.e., staff must be given a higher percentage than faculty and faculty a higher percentage than administrative staff).

Review processes utilized by Cleveland State will be compliant with the guidelines provided by TBR.


Revised:  January 14, 1997