Guidance Letter P-072


SUBJECT:  Salary Adjustments for Change in Educational Status

Cleveland State Community College, being an educational institution, encourages continuing education among its employees.  Obtaining advanced degrees by faculty and staff is supported through fee waivers and fee reimbursement.  Salary adjustments are not automatic and will be instituted only when the annual budget guidelines from the Tennessee Board of Regents permit the adjustments.    Salary adjustments for restricted fund employees will also be contingent upon the available funds in the applicable restricted account.

The purpose of this guideline is to establish and document procedures for salary adjustment for regular full- and regular part-time employees who attain academic degrees subsequent to employment with Cleveland State Community College.  A regionally accredited institution must have awarded the academic degree.  An adjustment will not be awarded when an employee earns a second degree at the same level, i.e., two Masters Degrees, unless the employee has secured prior approval from the President of the College and the employee's supervisor.  Additionally, receipt of a lower degree than a degree previously attained will not qualify for an adjustment.

The salary adjustment shall become effective with the next pay period beginning after the employee’s degree is conferred.  To be considered for a salary adjustment due to the receipt (or the anticipated receipt) of a higher educational status, the employee must submit a Change in Educational Status Form (Attachment 1) to the employee’s supervisor by the date indicated ; copies of this form must be sent to the Director of Human Resources and the Business Manager.  The Director of Human Resources must also receive further documentation of the change in educational status in the form of official transcripts or test scores prior to adjustment effective date.  Adjustments will not be effective until verification is received. 

Salary adjustments for regular part-time employees will be prorated based on the percentage of full-time employment.  The following chart indicates the adjustment that is to be awarded:

GED/Associate’s degree $500.00
Bachelor’s degree $1,000.00
Master’s degree $2,000.00
Doctorate degree $3,000.00

 This guideline applies only to achievements earned after July 1, 2000, while serving as a regular full or part-time employee at Cleveland State Community College.    


Source: TBR Guideline P-043, Compensation

Revised:  October 4, 2001; January 28, 2014

Attachment 1: Change In Educational Status Form