Guidance Letter P-080


SUBJECT:  Extra Compensation for Full-Time Employees for Teaching Non-Credit Courses

  1. Criteria
    Full-time employees may be employed for extra compensation for community service activities based on the following criteria:
    1. The community service activity does not conflict in content or time with the employee's regular employment.
    2. The full-time employee may not earn in excess of 20 percent of the employee's contracted annual salary through community service activities.
    3. Full-time credit faculty may be requested to deliver an activity based on their academic preparation and/or their expertise developed through other mechanisms.
    4. For extra pay, full-time employees may not receive   more than the pay scale per section of a community service activity.  This scale is based on academic preparation and experience.
    5. Full-time credit faculty may be assigned community services activities for no additional compensation if a full-time credit load is not available.
    6. Full-time employees are responsible for submitting the following items to the Office of Community Services and Continuing Education for each non-credit activity they are assigned:
      1. A detailed outline of the activity prior to scheduling of the activity
      2. An accurate attendance record at the conclusion of the last meeting.
  2. Recurring Non-Credit Courses
    Extra compensation is not intended for those regularly scheduled, recurring non-credit courses which are a regular part of a faculty teaching load.
  3. Application to Teach Non-Credit Courses for Extra Compensation
    Employees desiring to teach non-credit courses for extra compensation should apply to the director of community services and continuing education.  Approval of the appropriate supervisors, executive administrators and president is required.

Source: TBR Policy No. 5:02:04:00                               

Revised:  January 1, 1993