Guidance Letter P-090


SUBJECT: Oral English Proficiency in Faculty Positions

  1. Purpose
    The purpose of these procedures is to provide reasonable assurance that teaching personnel possess the ability to communicate effectively in oral English.
  2. Guidelines
    1. Candidates for appointment to or tenure in a teaching position must demonstrate the following minimum competencies:
      1. Ability to speak English clearly;
      2. Ability to understand spoken English; and
      3. Ability to communicate effectively in an academic environment.
    2. Currently employed teaching personnel who are identified as needing assistance in oral English communication shall participate in appropriate development activities.
  3. Procedures
    1. The interview process shall include sufficient opportunity by the recommending supervisor and faculty in the teaching area to evaluate the candidate’s ability to communicate effectively in oral English.
    2. The Vice President for Academic Affairs will certify that the applicant has sufficiently demonstrated oral English proficiency to perform the required duties of the position.
    3. The Coordinator of Developmental Studies shall administer appropriate assessment instruments upon notification by the Vice President for Academic Affairs that currently employed teaching personnel have been identified as needing improvement in oral English proficiency. The Coordinator of Developmental Studies or his/her designee may interview the instructor to determine which assessment techniques to use. The Coordinator of Development Studies shall provide the training or referral for training that assessment dictates, and it is incumbent upon the instructor to pursue that training. The institution will provide full or partial support for the training through available faculty development funds and in accordance within regulations and accepted practices.
  4. Appeals
    A currently employed instructor may appeal a decision of the Coordinator of Developmental Studies to the Vice President for Academic Affairs to the President.

Source: TBR Policy No. 5:02:01:03

Revised: January 1, 1993; June 26, 2003