Policy No. 1:03:02:00


SUBJECT:  Organization and Governance

  1. The president is the chief executive officer of Cleveland State Community College and all its departments and divisions and exercises such supervision and direction as will promote the efficient operation the institution.
  2. The president utilizes the President’s Administrative Advisory Council, President’s Faculty Advisory Council, President’s Staff Advisory Council, and President’s Student Advisory Council and other standing and/or special committees to develop matters, which will aid in performing the duties and responsibilities of the chief executive officer.
  3. The president may delegate authority to others to act on matters in which delegation is authorized although the responsibility for all action taken pursuant to such delegated authority is retained by the Chief Executive Officer.
  4. Major policies and procedures are announced through the Cleveland State Community College Policies and Procedures Manual.  Other policies and procedures are contained in the Guidance Letters, college catalog, student handbook, employee handbook, committee handbook, and memoranda.
  5. All employees are encouraged to bring to the attention of the president, through appropriate administrative channels, any matters, which they believe would promote the efficient operation of the college.

Source:  TBR Policy 1:03:02:00
Revised: December 1, 1992