Policy No. 1:03:02:10


SUBJECT:  Approval of Agreements, Contracts and Grant Applications

As a constituent institution of the Tennessee Board of Regents system, Cleveland State adheres to the directives of the TBR as communicated through its policies and guidelines in the execution of agreements, contracts and grant applications.  Congruent with those policies:

  1. All agreements, contracts and grant applications to which Cleveland State Community College is a party and/or which purport to require Cleveland State Community College to perform some action or refrain from some action, require the expressed approval of the President and may also require the approval of the Chancellor, or the Board of Regents of the State University and Community College System of Tennessee.
  2. All agreements, contracts and grant applications shall be forwarded through the Director of Grants, Contracts and Procurement to the President.
  3. The routing of these documents follows the procedures outlined in ClSCC Guidance Letter B-110.

Source:  Executive Board Minutes, May 30, 1979
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Revised:  January 1, 1993; March 11, 1994; November 2, 1994