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SUBJECT:  College Publications

Any publication representing Cleveland State Community College and produced for general distribution on the Cleveland State campus or in any of the communities served by Cleveland State must be approved by the appropriate executive administrator prior to publication.  This includes brochures, fliers, pamphlets, booklets, magazines, posters, catalogues, manuals, and other printed matter which is intended for general distribution and which is produced either on the Cleveland State campus or by an outside printer.  Persons desiring to request printed matter should obtain a “printing order” from Publications and attach a copy or sketch of the requested printing before submitting for approval.  The format and contents of the printed materials must be submitted to Publications where it will be typeset, formatted, and printed.  The Office of Marketing and Public Information has the authority and responsibility to ensure that all printed materials properly reflect the image of the College in accordance with institutional policies.

The Office of Marketing and Public Information is charged with the responsibility for ensuring that minority and other constituent groups are adequately represented in publications and materials that represent Cleveland State.  The Office of Marketing and Public Information is further charged with ensuring that all publications carry a non-discriminatory statement and are properly numbered.

Source:  Executive Board Minutes, April 23, 1979