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SUBJECT:  Release of Official College Information to the Public

The procedures to follow on requesting press releases through the Office of Marketing and Public Information are as follows:

  1. Requests for stories and pictures should be made in writing and routed through the appropriate executive administrator.  As much information about the subject as possible should be included in the request which must be sent to the Marketing and Public Information office at least seven days prior to the date of release.
  2. Picture requests should be made in writing at least two days before picture is to be made.  A longer scheduling time is requested when possible.
  3. Any contact with the press concerning any college-related activity must be coordinated through the Director of Marketing and Public Information.  This includes dispersing information through news releases or interviews.  If the media initiates the call, the Marketing and Public Information office must be informed.
  4. All official announcements from the college are made in the name of the President or other appropriate official through the office of Marketing and Public Information.
  5. Faculty and staff members should use discretion in mentioning the name of the college when making public statements expressing their individual opinions.
  6. During any court action in which the college might become involved, it is especially important that members of the college staff refrain from related public comment unless asked to do so by the college or as part of official court testimony.  Idle comments may seriously prejudice a case.
  7. All matters involving personnel, institutional policies, or issues related to the overall interest and well being of the college shall be handled by the college President and announcements or releases being made by the office of Institutional Advancement.

Source:  Executive Board Minutes, April 23, 1979
Revised: December 1, 1992