Policy No. 1:12:00:00


SUBJECT:  Distribution of Public Information

  1. Purpose
    The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance on the distribution of public information by faculty, staff, and/or students.  TBR Policy No. 3:02:02:00 and CSCC Policy No. 3:02:03:00 should be consulted for regulations which prevent use of campus property and facilities which is contrary to federal, state or local law or regulation or policies or regulations of the Board of Regents or Cleveland State Community College.
    This policy does not apply to faculty office doors.
  2. Posting Public Information
    1. Walls, Windows, and Building Doors - Posting   information (signs, memorandums, notices, etc.) on   w alls, windows and building doors is prohibited.
    2. Classroom Doors - Authorization to post messages on classroom doors must be obtained from the dean of academic affairs or, for evening classes, from the assistant dean of evening operations.
    3. Bulletin Boards - Bulletin boards for general use by students are located in the George L. Mathis Student Center and are monitored by the Student Government Association.  Employees who wish to publish information of general or widespread interest to other personnel and/or students may do so through the use of official campus bulletin boards.  Each bulletin board will have a notice posted on it as to the use of that bulletin board, and compliance is mandatory.
    4. Kiosk - Information posted on the kiosk located between the George L. Mathis Student Center and the L. Quentin Gymnasium will be monitored by the Student Government Association.
    5. Electronic Sign System - Information on the electronic sign is monitored by the Office of Institutional Advancement. 
    6. Other Sign Systems - The dean of financial affairs is responsible for sign systems on buildings, doors, and grounds that are not addressed in this policy.
  3. Approval Process
    Individuals or groups desiring to post public information should obtain authorization form the appropriate approving authority.  Authorization to post information will be indicated on the lower right corner of the document(s).
    Items posted without the appropriate approval will be removed and discarded.
  4. Exceptions
    Requests for exceptions to this policy must be approved by the president.

Revised:  January 1, 1993