Policy No. 1:17:00:00


SUBJECT:  Student and Faculty Participation in Board Considerations

  1. Purpose
    The Tennessee Board of Regents recognizes the importance of representative participation by students and faculty in Board considerations which affect them.  Therefore, in accordance with the provisions set forth below, the Chancellor makes annual appointments of students and faculty to serve as members of committees of the Board.
  2. Appointments
    The Chancellor appoints either one student or one faculty member from Cleveland State to serve on a specified committee of the Board for a one-year term.  The Chancellor’s appointment is based on recommendation by the president of Cleveland State Community College.  The Chancellor requests a recommendation from the president at the beginning of each fiscal year.
  3. Criteria
    All student committee members must be full-time students and in good standing with Cleveland State at the time and during the term of the appointment.  All faculty committee members must be full-time employees in the System at the time and during the term of their appointments.  In the event of a vacancy during the term, the Chancellor may appoint a successor.
  4. Committee Status
    All student and faculty committee members shall serve as ex-officio non-voting members.

Source:  TBR Policy No. 1:02:06:10 dated 6/28/85
Revised: December 1, 1992