Policy No. 2:01:01:00



Cleveland State Community College will review credits from all institutions of higher learning for currently matriculated, degree-seeking students. Transfer evaluations are conducted in the Enrollment Services Office in cooperation with the academic divisions, which have final authority.

In some cases, transfer of credit may require an extended departmental review, specifically if credit was earned at an institution for which CSCC does not have a recent transfer history. For such a review, documentation on a completed Petition for Transfer of Credit form is mandatory. The review process will include, but is not limited to, a scrutiny of the content and depth of the course, the credentials of the issuing faculty and the appropriateness of the course to the degree sought by the student. The student is responsible for providing course descriptions and other documentation (such as a course syllabus, textbooks used, etc.) required for the departmental transfer review.

All, none, or a portion of the credits from the transferring institution may be accepted based upon the following transfer evaluation considerations:

  1. Transfer credits will be combined with credits earned at Cleveland State Community College for classification purposes and for satisfying certificate/ degree requirements. However, only courses taken at CSCC will be used in calculating the student’s grade point average.
  2. Credit hours awarded for a transfer course may not exceed the credit hours of the CSCC equivalent course.
  3. Only level I (freshman and sophomore level) courses will be considered for transfer. Exceptions may be granted by the Registrar, in cooperation with the academic divisions, if the course content of a higher level course is equivalent to or exceeds the course content of a level I CSCC course which is required in the student’s academic major.
  4. Departments may require a probationary period before transfer credit is awarded. The Enrollment Services Office will monitor the student’s progress during the probationary period and transfer credit will be awarded upon successful completion of 15 semester credit hours with a 2.00 GPA or higher.

Source: TBR Policies 2:01:00:00, 2:03:00:00, and 2:04:00:01

Revised:  Curriculum and Academic Standards Committee Meetings of 1/25/94, 11/5/98 and 11/8/12.  Approved by President’s Cabinet 11/27/12.