Policy No. 2:02:00:00


SUBJECT:  General Education Requirements

  1. 1. Introduction
    Cleveland State Community College is committed to providing an education that will help students function more effectively in society.  This education will include the development of communications and analytical skills, an appreciation for humanity’s place in the global environment, an understanding of the diversity of humanity and the inherent worth of the individual, a comprehension of the influence of science and technology on the individual and society, an appreciation for the arts’ place in human society, and the acquisition of self-sufficiency skills.
  2. 2. General Education Goals
    1. 1. Students should develop effective communications skills, including reading, writing, speaking, and listening.
    2. 2. Students should also acquire adequate mathematical skills and become computer literate.  In addition, the student should develop the ability to think logically, critically, and creatively, including the identification of problems, the recognition of underlying assumptions, the formulation of conclusions, and the proposal and evaluation of solutions.
    3. 3. Students should learn to recognize and have an appreciation for the interrelationships that exist between all living things in the natural world.  They should also develop an awareness of the impact humans have on the environment and the vital role and responsibility people have in its protection.
    4. 4. Students should develop a comprehensive understanding of the nature of the international community including its various cultural, geographical, and historical aspects.  These aspects should be considered not only separately but also as part of a synthetic whole.  Students should cultivate an appreciation of the world’s societies and an understanding of the diversity among these cultures, including a recognition of the value of the individual.
    5. 5. Students should acquire an understanding of the fundamentals of science and the impact of both science and technology on society.
    6. 6. Students should also develop an appreciation of the arts.
    7. 7. Students should develop an appreciation for the important role regular physical exercise plays in contributing to good health and in prolonging life.
    8. 8. The college strives to promote self-sufficiency abilities which will result in self-disciplined students with planning and organizational skills who can achieve personal goals and contribute to those of the community at large; skills which will endow students with a thirst for knowledge upon leaving the formal educational setting; skills which will enhance personal and professional growth and ultimately affect community enrichment; skills which will insure personal attributes of individual responsibility, self-esteem, sociability, integrity, and success in any endeavor.  Students should learn to accept the inevitability of change and the necessity to adapt through the realization that learning is a lifelong process and that the ability to apply what is learned is essential in the world.
  3. 3. Curriculum
    The college has constructed its curriculum to include courses and experiences designed to promote the development of these essential life skills within all of its graduates.
  4. 4. General Education Course Requirements
    To foster the achievement of the above objectives, Cleveland State Community College requires that all students pursuing an associate degree complete specified general education requirements, depending upon the particular degree that each is pursuing.  Students pursuing the transfer degrees (i.e., the A.A. or A.S.) must complete the Associate of Arts/Science General Education requirements; students pursuing an A.A.S. degree, on the other hand, must complete the Associate of Applied Science General Education requirements.
    1. 1. Associate of Arts/Science General Education Requirements
      Courses Semester Hours
      Communication (6 semester hours of English Composition and 3 semester hours in English presentational communication) 9
      Humanities and/or Fine Arts (One course must be in literature.) 9
      Social/Behavioral Sciences 6
      History 6
      Natural Sciences (one year of same subject) 8
      Mathematics Elective 3
    2. 2. Associate of Applied Science General Education Requirements
      Courses Semester Hours
      English Composition 3
      Humanities and/or Fine Arts 3
      Social/Behavioral Sciences 3
      Natural Science/Mathematics 3-4
      One additional course from the categories of Communication, Humanities and/or Fine Arts, Social/Behavioral Science or Natural Science/Mathematics 3-4

Source: TBR Policy 2:01:00:00; CSCC Curriculum and Academic Standards Committee meetings of January 9, 16, 21, 21, and February 19, 1986                  

Revised: (General Education Statement only) Prepared by Instructional Improvement Subcommittee; Reviewed by Academic Affairs Committee and Faculty Senate during Summer and Fall Semesters 1993; Curriculum and Academic Affairs Committee meeting December 8, 1993 and February 7, 2013.

Approved by: President’s Cabinet February 19, 2013.