Policy No. 2:04:01:00


SUBJECT:  Registration—Late Registration

Each degree seeking student will be assigned an academic advisor who will assist the student with developing career/educational goals and preparing a class schedule.

Regular Registration

Students who wish to enroll in credit courses are expected to complete registration on the dates announced for registration.  Students must observe registration procedures and are not officially enrolled until all requirements for registration are completed, including full payment of fees.

Late Registration

A student may complete registration during a late registration period designated in the college catalog but will be required to pay a late registration fee unless the late fee is officially waived based on extenuating circumstances.

Registration after the late registration period is not permitted except with special permission from the appropriate Academic Dean and the instructor(s) of the course(s) the student intends to take.  It will require the payment of a late fee unless the late fee is officially waived based on extenuating circumstances.

Late Starting Classes

Occasionally, credit classes are scheduled to begin well after the semester has started.  Registration for late starting classes will be scheduled to accommodate the students and late fees will not be assessed for these classes.

Students with registration holds, such as parking tickets and library fines, will not be allowed to register for credit courses until holds are removed.


Source:  TBR Policy No. 2:04:00:01; CSCC Catalog;TBR Guidance No. A-019

Revised:  Curriculum and Academic Standards Committee Meetings of 1/25/94 and 11/8/12.  Approved by President’s Cabinet 11/27/12.