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SUBJECT:  Student Course Load

Successful completion of a college course requires a considerable investment of time of the part of the student.  In addition to class time, students are expected to commit two hour of time for study, assigned readings, written assignments, and library research for each hour spent in a typical lecture class.  As a result, the maximum number of semester credit hours of courses in which a student may enroll during a term should be carefully considered.

During the fall and spring semesters, the minimum academic load for a full-time student is 12 semester credit hours; a normal load is considered 15-18 semester credit hours.  An academic load above 20 hours requires prior approval of the appropriate Academic Dean.  This requirement does not apply to students enrolled in Law Enforcement Training who receive twenty-two hours credit upon successful completion of the program.

In the summer, a total of 12 semester credit hours constitutes a full-time load.  During any one five-week summer term, a student may enroll in no more than nine (9) semester hours of courses without prior approval of the appropriate Academic Dean.


Source:   Curriculum and Academic Standards Committee meeting November 17, 1993 and October 9, 2003.  Approved by President’s Cabinet 10/09/12.