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SUBJECT:  Course Syllabus

The course syllabus is the basic document to which students, faculty, and administration refer for specific information on a course. It constitutes the official record of the course content and mode of evaluation in each course or section of a course. Each class syllabus must as a minimum contain the following elements:

  1. Instructor’s name, office number, college e-mail address, and telephone number (Note: The schedule of office hours should be communicated to the students during the first week of classes.)
  2. Department and course number; course title
  3. Date; semester and year
  4. Credit hours; lecture and/or laboratory contact hours
  5. Withdrawal dates; refund dates (if different from those in catalog; applies to special classes)
  6. Required text(s) (lecture and/or laboratory; including title, author(s), publishing company, and appropriate edition dates) and supplementary materials
  7. Course objectives and course outline (major topics or course content)
  8. Learning outcomes: knowledge, skills, or abilities the student will gain
  9. Major assignments, such as term papers and outside readings
  10. Method of assessing learning outcomes (including assignments, tests, final exams, reports, laboratory performance, class and lab attendance, etc.; the timetable for exams, assignments, etc.)
  11. Evaluation and grading procedures and scale, including weighting of each assessment component
  12. Other requirements, such as:
    1. Rules of attendance and punctuality
    2. Rules governing make-up of assignments and examinations
    3. Adjunct faculty—statement detailing specific accessibility to students for the purpose of academic assistance (In addition to the regularly scheduled class time, adjunct faculty are required to be available an additional fifteen minutes per week prior to and/or after scheduled class times.)
  13. Include a statement containing the following information:
    If, because of a documented disability, you require assistance or reasonable accommodations to complete assigned course work (such as modifications in testing, special equipment, etc.) you must register with Disability Support Services and notify your instructor within the first two weeks of the semester. Disability Support is located in the ACCESS Center  (U118, 423-478-6217 or 423-472-7141).
  14. Academic Integrity Statement:
    Cleveland State students are required, as a condition of good standing and continued enrollment, to conduct themselves properly in class. Such proper behavior includes academic honesty, civility and respect for others and private property. Please refer to the Student Handbook portion of the catalog for further information.
    Each enrolled student has access to the instructor’s syllabus at the beginning of each term. An official copy of each course syllabus is kept on file in the Division Dean’s Office.
  15. Computer Skills:
    Content and/or assignments for this course may require the use of computers, media equipment, or access to the Internet.  If you believe you might lack the technical skills necessary to succeed in the class, advise the instructor immediately.  In consultation with the instructor you may consider exploring one of the following options:  the eLearning lab, library resources, the Reading and Writing Center, or taking a computer class for credit.

Note: Samples of syllabi can be found on the Cleveland State Community College website.

Source: Academic Affairs Committee Meeting – 4/29/86

Revised by Curriculum and Academic Standards – 12/8/93 and 9/21/94; by Executive Vice President 3/21/96 and 7/19/99; and by Curriculum and Academic Standards 12/5/02 and 4/24/03; Approved by President’s Cabinet 4/03.  Revised at Curriculum and Academic Standards meeting on 2/24/11.  Approved by President’s Cabinet 1/8/13.