Policy No. 2:08:02:00


SUBJECT:  Library Collection Development

  1. Resource Selection
    Library funds are used to maintain a balanced collection of high quality, current resources that support the academic programs of the college. Funds will be directed most heavily toward purchasing resources that support course assignments and that are included in standard bibliographies. Faculty requests are given high priority.
    No member of the college or community is excluded from the process of book selection.  The goal of selection, however, is to support the college’s academic programs.  Leisure reading is supported, although limited funds for purchasing such items require that the selected resources be of broad interest.
    The library will, with the approval of the Vice President of Academic Affairs and in accordance with the Association of College and Research Library’s Intellectual Freedom Principles, select resources which present an array of perspectives on controversial issues.  The library intends to select resources of high caliber, which stimulate intellectual curiosity, counteract parochialism, develop critical thinking and cultural appreciation, and encourage continuing education and personal development. 
  2. Resource Evaluation
    The Library’s information resources shall be evaluated in an ongoing Collection Review process.  Faculty and staff collaborate with library staff to ensure that library collections are current, relevant, and appropriate for course assignments.  Collections shall be systematically analyzed according to usage statistics, availability of updated resources, appropriateness to any area of the college curriculum, and requirements of research assignments. Resources that are not utilized will be removed from the library collection; subject areas where resources are not deemed necessary, as indicated by use statistics, will no longer be included with the library collection.

Approved by: Library Subcommittee 02/26/13; Curriculum and Academic Standards 03/21/13; President’s Cabinet 08/06/13