Policy No. 3:01:01:00


SUBJECT:  Student Organizations

  1. Scope - The following policy provides standards for the registration and conduct of student organizations at Cleveland State Community College.
  2. Types of Student Organizations - Student organizations may be either organizations sponsored by Cleveland State (i.e., such as the Student Government Association, associated student body organizations, and professional and honor societies) or organizations officially registered by the college.  Organizations which may be registered to operate include the following:  (a) honors and leadership organizations and recognition societies; (b) departmental organizations and professional fraternities and sororities; (c) social fraternities and sororities; and (d) special interest groups (political, religious, athletic, etc.).  Registration of a student organization shall neither constitute nor be construed as approval or endorsement by the colleges of the purposes or objectives of the organization.
  3. General Policies on Student Organizations
    1. No student organization may carry on any activity on the campus of Cleveland State unless the organization has been officially registered.
    2. Cleveland State Community College is not responsible for injuries or damages to persons or property resulting from the activities of student organizations, or for any debts or liabilities incurred by such organizations.
    3. No student organization shall deny membership to any person on the basis of age, race, sex, religion, handicap or national origin provided that social fraternities and sororities may have sex restricted membership.
    4. No student organization or individual shall engage in or condone any form of hazing.  Hazing shall include, but is not limited to:  any action taken, or situation created intentionally, to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment or ridicule; any form of verbal or physical harassment or abuse; and engaging in public stunts, morally degrading or humiliating behavior or games, whether on or off campus.  Excessive demands on a student’s time so as to interfere with academic performance are prohibited.  Threatening in any manner or form for the purpose of cajoling individuals into secrecy in regard to breaches (planned, threatened, attempted, or perpetrated) of hazing violations also is prohibited.  Hazing activity which is in violation of any college regulation such as the misuse of alcohol, drugs, school property, etc., is strictly forbidden.
    5. Student organizations shall be vicariously responsible and liable for the conduct and actions of each member of the organization while acting in the capacity of a member or while attending or participating in any activity of the organization.
    6. No person, group or organization may use the name of Cleveland State Community College in any manner, provided that registered student organizations may use the name of the institution or school following the name of the organization.  No person, group or organization may use the seal or any symbol of Cleveland State without the prior written approval of the president of Cleveland State or his or her designee.
  4. Criteria for Registration of Organizations
    1. Any proposed student organization shall be open to all students of Cleveland State who otherwise meet membership requirements.  Membership in the organization shall be limited to currently enrolled students; provided that organizations may include faculty and staff of Cleveland State, and/or spouses of students, faculty, and staff, and provided further that professional organizations may include members of the professional and business communities as members.
    2. A proposed organization must represent the interests of the members, and the control of the organization must be within the local campus group.  The organization must not have a knowing affiliation with an organization possessing illegal aims and goals, with a specific purpose to further those illegal aims and goals.
    3. The proposed organization must agree to comply with all policies, regulations and procedures established by the Tennessee Board of Regents and Cleveland State Community College, and with all federal and state laws and regulations.
    4. The proposed organization must not:  (a) have illegal aims and goals; (b) propose activities which would violate regulations of the Tennessee Board of Regents or Cleveland State Community College, or federal or state laws and regulations, or materially and substantially disrupt the work and discipline of the college; or (c) advocate incitement of imminent lawless action which is likely to produce such action.
    5. The proposed organization must have the minimum number of charter members designated by Cleveland State Community College, and there must be a demonstration of continuous interest in the purposes of the organization sufficient to afford registration on a long-term basis.  In the event there is not sufficient interest to warrant long-term registration, Cleveland State may grant temporary registration to an organization for a limited period of time.
    6. New organizations may be denied registration where the purposes are within the scope of a currently registered organization.  No organization may use the same name, or a name which is misleading and similar to the name, of a currently registered organization.
    7. The organization must provide for the distribution of all funds and assets in the event of dissolution.
  5. Procedure for Registration of Organizations
    1. In order to become officially registered as a student organization, a group must meet the criteria set forth in section 4, and must provide to the college a minimum of the following:
      1. An application or request to form the organization on the form designated by the institution.
      2. The proposed constitution and bylaws of the organization, which must clearly contain the following:  the name, purpose, proposed activities, and rules of membership of the organization, the offices, their terms and methods of selection, the proposed nature and   frequency of meetings and activities, and the financial plans of the organization, including any proposed fees, dues, and assessments.
      3. The names signatures of the charter members of the organization.
      4. The names of the faculty adviser and/or the administrative officers of the college who will sponsor the organization.
      5. A statement of assurance of compliance by the organization that it will comply with all rules and regulations, policies and procedures of the Tennessee Board of Regents and Cleveland State Community College and with all federal and state laws and regulations.
    2. The designated number of copies of the foregoing documents and information must be submitted to the Vice President for Student Services.  Recommendations regarding registration of a proposed organization must be forwarded by the Vice President for Student Services to the president of Cleveland State; and approval by the president is necessary before the organization can be officially registered.
    3. The Vice President for Student Services and/or president may require the sponsors to clarify any materials or information provided in the registration process, to resubmit the application or request with non-conforming materials or provisions deleted, or to appear at a hearing for the purpose of obtaining additional information and testimony concerning the purposes, aims or proposed activities of the organization.
    4. A list of currently registered student organizations will be maintained in the office of the Vice President for Student Services.
  6. Nature and Conditions of Registration
    1. Registration of a student organization for other than a temporary period will be on an annual basis only, effective until the beginning of the next fall term of the college, and shall be subject to annual renewal by Cleveland State for each ensuing year.
    2. Annual renewal of registration of an organization shall be dependent upon the organization’s demonstration of compliance with the following:
      1. It must adhere to the purposes, aims and activities as stated in the approved constitution and bylaws;
      2. It must continue to meet all of the requirements for initial registration;
      3. It must have remained in compliance with all rules and regulations of Cleveland State and all federal and state laws;
      4. It must submit all changes in the constitution and bylaws to Cleveland State for approval;
      5. It must maintain a current list of officers, faculty advisers, and sponsors on file with the college; and
      6. It must have submitted all required financial and other reports to the college.
  7. Reports
    1. Cleveland State may require any or all organizations to submit an annual report concerning its programs and activities during the preceding year.  If required, this report shall be reviewed by the designated bodies or officials of Cleveland State, and shall be a requirement for renewal of registration.
    2. Cleveland State may require any or all organizations to submit an annual financial report reflecting all revenues received and disbursed by the organization and/or an interim financial report or such a report concerning any fund-raising activity of the organization.  If required, this report shall be a requirement for renewal of registration
  8. Probation, Suspension, and Withdrawal of Registration.
    1. An organization may be placed on probation, be suspended, or registration may be withdrawn by the Vice President for Student Services or president of Cleveland State for any of the following reasons:
      1. the organization fails to maintain compliance with the initial requirements for registration;
      2. the organization ceases to operate as an active organization;
      3. the organization requests withdrawal of registration;
      4. the organization operates or engages in any activity in violation of rules and regulations of Cleveland State or federal or state laws; or
      5. the organization fails to submit any required reports.
    2. An organization which is placed on probation may continue to hold meetings but may not sponsor any activity or program.  An organization which is placed under suspension may not engage in or sponsor any activity or program, and may not hold meetings.  Where registration of an organization is withdrawn, it shall cease to exist as an organization.
    3. In the event an organization is placed on probation or suspended, or registration is withdrawn on the basis of section 8.1.4, the organization shall be afforded the opportunity for a hearing before the Student Disciplinary Committee.
  9. Officers of Student Organizations - No student who is under academic or social suspension from Cleveland State shall be eligible to become, or maintain the status of, an officer of an organization.
  10. Fiscal Procedures
    1. Each organization shall maintain a sound financial system related to the collection and disbursement of revenues in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.  An organization may be subject to audit by representatives of Cleveland State at any time, and appropriate financial records shall be maintained for the purposes of audit.
    2. Each organization shall designate an officer of the organization who is responsible for the collection and disbursement of funds and the maintenance of books and records.
  11. Programs and Activities
    1. The use of any campus property or buildings by an organization shall be subject to the rules and regulations of the Tennessee Board of Regents and Cleveland State Community College concerning use of property and facilities.  All organizations registered pursuant to this policy shall be “affiliated organizations” for the purposes of any Tennessee Board of Regents or institutional policies concerning use of campus property and facilities.  (Reference TBR Policy No. 1:03:02:50 and CSCC Policy No. 1:19:00:00)
    2. Except for routine meetings of the organization, no on-campus program or activity shall be engaged in unless approved by the dean of student affairs, and the institution may require prior approval for off-campus programs activities.  Prior to approval, Cleveland State may require a specified number of officials or security officers for any event, activity or program.
    3. Any fund-raising activity on campus shall be for the benefit of the organization as a whole or a charity, and no funds shall be distributed to the officers or members of an organization for personal profit or gain.
    4. No guest speakers shall be invited to the campus except pursuant to policies of the Tennessee Board of Regents and Cleveland State concerning guest or off-campus speakers.  (Reference TBR Policy No. 1:03:02:50 and CSCC Policy No. 1:19:00:00)

Source:  TBR Policy No. 3:01:01:00

Revised:  January 1, 1993

Revised:  November 27, 2012