Policy No. 3:04:01:01


SUBJECT:  Student Awards

  1. Purpose
    These procedures provide for uniform procedures to be used at Cleveland State Community College for the establishment and processing of student awards by the college to recognize excellence during the current academic year.  This does not apply to recognition of athletes in intercollegiate and intramural sports.
  2. Establishment of Awards
    1. Awards may be established in a discipline, department, or higher level of administration.
    2. Criteria for selection of recipient for each award must be on record in the Office of the Vice President for Student Services.
    3. Establishment of all awards must be approved by the President.
    4. Recommendations for the establishment of an award should be forwarded to the President through the appropriate dean/vice-president and include the name of the award and the criteria for selection.
  3. Awards Day Ceremony
    1. Awards will be made at the annual awards ceremonies to be held during spring semester of each academic year.
    2. The Coordinator of Student Activities is responsible for scheduling and planning the awards ceremonies.
    3. The name of the selected recipients should be forwarded to the Coordinator of Student Activities with such biographical information as deemed appropriate by the specified date each spring semester.
    4. Recommendations for continuation of any previously made awards should be forwarded with criteria for selection to the President.
    5. Recommendations for new awards must be forwarded to the President in sufficient time for his/her action by March 1 of each academic year.
  4. Recognition for Other Awards
    This does not preclude the recognition of students or others at the awards ceremonies for achievements other than Cleveland State Community College awards.
  5. Distinguished Graduate Award
    1. The Cleveland State Community College Foundation sponsors an annual Distinguished Graduate Award which is presented at the college commencement ceremony.
    2. Information as to criteria for selection and processing is available in the Office of the President.
  6. Approved Awards
    A list of approved awards may be obtained from the Office of the Vice-President for Student Services or the Coordinator of Student Activities.


Revised: November 27, 2012

Revised:  December 1, 1992