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Subject: Cellular Telephone Stipend Policy


Cleveland State Community College recognizes that some employees may be able to perform their duties and responsibilities more efficiently if they have cellular telephone service.


In order to quality for a Cellular Telephone Stipend, an employee must fill out the "Application for Cellular Telephone Stipend" (Attachment A) Form, clearly stating why he/she believes that a cellular telephone is a necessity in adequately performing his/her job duties.  Examples of justifications are as follows:

  • An employee is required to respond to critical system failures or service disruptions.
  • An employee is required to have immediate communications capability to address issues/problems/emergencies.
  • An employee routinely travels off-site on CSCC business.
  • An employee cannot meet communications needs with other available alternatives.

The form must be approved by the employee's direct supervisor, the appropriate Vice President, and the Vice President for Finance and Advancement.


The Cellular Telephone Stipend will be paid from department funds through the regular payroll process.  The funds are charged against the individual department's operating budget.  The individual will submit the approved "Authorization for Compensation Form" to the Office of Vice President for Finance and Advancement, and the stipend will be paid monthly.  Such stipends are taxable income subject to required tax withholdings.  The stipend is not an entitlement, and not part of the employee's base salary.

Source of Policy:  President's Cabinet Meeting, May 4, 2009
Updates Approved by Cabinet:  February 23, 2016
Related Policy:  N/A
Responsible Administrator:  Vice President for Finance and Advancement
TBR Policy Reference:  N/A
TBR Guideline Reference:  N/A

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