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SUBJECT:  Employee Service Award Program

  1. Purpose
    The Employee Service Award Program is designed to recognize and express appreciation to regular employees for their service to Cleveland State.
  2. Eligibility
    All administrative, faculty, professional non-faculty and clerical/support staff who are regular part-time are eligible to participate.
  3. Service Credit
    Total service credit determination is the responsibility of the appointing authority.  Regular part-time service will be credited without proration.  Employee on MODFY or academic year appointments will receive a full year of service credit for their completed period of service.  Periods in which employees are in fully paid leave status or on approved educational leave of absence with grant-in-aid assistance will be included in calculation of service credit.  Any periods of leave without pay will not be calculated.  The service credit calculation will include periods of service as of September 1 of that year.
  4. Recognition Schedule
    Awards will be presented ceremoniously to recipients by the President or designee during the annual Fall Convocation.  The awards will recognize the service achievements in five year increments.  The awards shall include a lapel pin and   certificate for each level.  Additionally, twenty year service award recipients and above will receive a pre-selected, engraved gift.

Source:  Executive Board Minutes, May 30, 1979

Revised:  December 1, 1992; July 16, 2013; December 17, 2013

Approved by:  President’s Cabinet November 17, 2015