Policy No. 5:00:01:02


SUBJECT: Testing for Keyboarding and Dictation Requirements

  1. Testing is required in order to be considered for any position that requires keyboarding and dictation.
  2. Applicants must meet the minimum requirements as to speed required for the particular position.
  3. Longevity of Test Scores
    1. All applicants for positions that require keyboarding and dictation tests will be advised that keyboarding and dictation tests scores will be accorded credibility for a maximum of one year from the date tests are administered.
    2. Any individual may retake the test(s). However, they will be advised that the latest test(s) score will be the one that will be accorded credibility.
  4. Administration of Tests
    1. The Human Resource Office is responsible for administering keyboarding and dictation tests. Tests will be scheduled as necessary and applicants for position that require keyboarding and/or dictation will be advised of the next scheduled test.
    2. All applicants will be advised in advance that permission to take the test will require that the applicant supply a current vehicle operator license or other suitable descriptive identification.

Source: Executive Board Minutes, May 30, 1979
Revised: December 1, 1992; June 26, 2003