Policy No. 5:01:00:10


SUBJECT: Personnel Records

  1. General
    TBR Policy No. 5:01:00:10 enumerates the contents of personnel records and establishes who has access to such records and to where disclosure of contents should be made.
  2. Custodians of Personnel Files
    1. Adjunct (part-time) faculty teaching non-credit courses - The Vice President for Academic Affairs is designated as custodian of the permanent personnel files of each adjunct (part-time) faculty teaching non-credit courses.
    2. The Personnel Office is designated as custodian of all personnel files except those listed above.
    3. The Vice President for Finance and Administration is designated as custodian of the following personnel records:
      1. Vacation and sick leave records;
      2. Treasury Form W-4;
      3. Copies of all records relating to pay and retirement including but not limited to budget reports, payrolls, insurance, time sheets, credit union and CSCC personnel information forms.
    4. The Vice President for Academic Affairs, deans, and other supervisory personnel with written approval of the President may maintain separate files relating to personnel under their jurisdiction.
      Any dean or other supervisory personnel desiring to maintain any separate personnel files shall submit a memorandum to the President listing records desired to be maintained. Any such records maintained are subject to the provision of Board Policy No. 5:01:00:10 and this policy.
    5. Supervisory personnel maintaining personnel records pursuant to Paragraph 2.5 will advise each individual of the records being maintained.
  3. Retention of Records
    1. All personnel records except those maintained by the Vice President for Finance and Administration shall be retained for a minimum of three years after termination of employment. After the three years retention of personnel records on hard copy, the records may be microfilmed. The microfilm must be retained for 75 years.
    2. Records maintained by Vice President for Finance and Administration shall be maintained in accordance with TBR Guideline G-070.
    3. Applications shall be maintained for a period of two years.

Source: Executive Board Minutes, May 30, 1979

Related Policy: TBR Guideline G-070

Revised: December 1, 1992; March 14, 1994