Policy No. 5:01:02:00


SUBJECT: Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action Program

  1. Statement of Policy
    Cleveland State Community College is committed to fair and equitable treatment of its employees, and the law requires that the College express this through a policy statement.
    Employees are our most valuable resource.  The College adheres to equal employment opportunity for all present and prospective employees regardless of race, color, religious views, veteran status, political affiliation, gender, age, national origin, orientation or disability.  This policy applies to all personnel actions including, but not limited to, recruiting, hiring, classification/compensation, benefits, promotions, transfers, layoffs, recalls from layoffs and educational, social and recreational programs of Cleveland State Community College.
  2. Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Plan
    The College has developed an affirmative action plan to help ensure equal employment opportunity for all.  The affirmative action program will remain in effect until such goals are achieved, and the College requires the full cooperation of all department heads, supervisors, and other employees in this program.
  3. Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Officer
    Effective July 1, 1994, the Director of Human Resources will have overall responsibility for implementation of our affirmative action plan, including the development of specific goals and timetables, and is responsible for reporting progress to the President.
  4. Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Standing Committee
    The Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Standing Committee, appointed by the President, is responsible for advising the Director of Human Resources on equal opportunity and affirmative action programs related to employees, applicants for employment, students, and applicants for admission, and making recommendations to achieve equal opportunity to the President.

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