Policy No. 5:01:05:00


SUBJECT:  Outside Employment 

  1. General
    Cleveland State Community College recognizes the value to its students, personnel, and citizens of the State arising from the many types of consulting and other external experiences in which members of the faculty and professional staff may engage.  Such activities can contribute to the quality of instruction, enhance the professional competency of the individual, and bring credit to the college.  These activities also provide valuable service to business, industry, professional groups, public and private organizations, local, state and federal governments, as well as provide important links between Cleveland State and the community.
    As defined herein, this policy does not apply:
    1. To normal, short-term professional activities such as participation in symposia, accreditation visits, speaking engagements, exhibitions, or recitals, even though honoraria may be received for such participation;
    2. When the individual is not within the term of his or her contract period or is on leave.
  2. Approval Process
    Executive administrators approve all outside employment on a part-time basis for staff members and faculty.  Compliance with TBR and CSCC policies is the responsibility of the executive administrators.
    Prior to engaging in outside professional employment or continuing business activity, the faculty or professional staff members or administrator shall submit notice of their intent beginning with the immediate supervisor and proceeding through normal college communication channels to the executive administrator.  The letter of intent must include the following terms of information:
    1. A description of the nature of the proposed outside employment and the name of the employer.
    2. The number of hours involved and the times during which the outside employment would occur.
    3. Any significant use of college facilities or equipment that will be involved.
    In the event that it is determined that the employment is inconsistent with TBR and/or CSCC policies, the executive administrator shall notify the individual to that effect.
  3. Guidelines
    The proposed outside professional employment or continuing business activity:
    1. Must not interfere with assigned duties and responsibilities;
    2. Must not constitute a conflict of interest or compete with the education, research, or public service programs of the college;
    3. If involving employment with other agencies, departments, or institutions of State government, including State institutions of higher education or area schools, is subject to the prior approval of the executive administrator and the appropriate representative of the other agency, department, institution, or school;
    4. Must not be undertaken with the claim that the individual is an official representative of Cleveland State in connection with the employment;
    5. If involving the use of Cleveland State equipment, facilities, or services must have approval by the appropriate supervisor(s), executive administrator, and President and provide for compensating the college at the rates established by Cleveland State.
  4. Appeal Process
    The faculty or staff member may appeal such a decision through the Employee Grievance and Appeals Committee.

Source:  TBR Policy No. 5:01:05:00 and CSCC Management Plan dated 11/6/92
Revised:  December 1, 1992