Policy No. 5:02:01:05


SUBJECT:  Faculty Development

This policy is in compliance with the Tennessee Board of Regents Policy No. 5:02:01:05.
Cleveland State Community College recognizes the need for the continued professional growth and development of its faculty in order that the institution may continue to provide educational programs which:  (a) include new developments and knowledge in academic disciplines; (b) reflect new instructional and public service techniques and strategies; and (c) meet changing needs and expectations of students.  Although all faculty are responsible for their own continued professional development, Cleveland State Community College provides planned, organized faculty development programs to encourage professional growth in accordance with its mission and goals.
Cleveland State Community College provides on an annual basis a structured, coordinated program for faculty development.  The program is designed to achieve predetermined institutional objectives.  Activities include the following:

  1. Systematic evaluation of instruction by students, faculty and appropriate administrators to provide bases for planning means of increasing the effectiveness of the instructional program.
  2. Encouragement of innovation and improvement of instruction by a recognition system that includes a Distinguished Faculty Award which is accompanied by a stipend.
  3. Effective use of educational assistance programs and scholarships pursuant to TBR Guideline P-130.
  4. Provision of financial support through grant awards and other means for the improvement of instruction, for faculty participation in workshops, short courses and seminars designed to develop new skills in instruction and public service, and for faculty participation in major activities of their respective associations.
  5. Sponsorships of local forums, lectures, and workshops on scholarly developments and activities. 

Cleveland State Community College‚Äôs budget reflects the amount of funds allocated for faculty development at the institution. 

Source:  TBR Policy 5:02:01:05
Revised:  December 1, 1992