Policy No. 5:02:01:10


SUBJECT:  Emeritus Status

Emeritus status shall be awarded only to outstanding individuals who have rendered distinguished service to the college. 
The Chair of the Recommendation Committee shall distribute an announcement during Spring convocation regarding the nominating process.  The nomination steps are:

  1. A written nomination endorsed by a minimum of two current employees is submitted to the appropriate supervisor.  The nomination should include documentation of the distinguished service to the college.  The nomination may be accompanied by letters of support from other members of the college community.  Individuals can be nominated for a maximum of five years following retirement.
  2. The nomination with the supervisor’s comments will be forwarded to the appropriate Vice President.
  3. The nomination with the Vice President’s comments will be forwarded to the Director of Human Resources by February 1 of each year at which time they will be forwarded to the chair of the Recognition Committee.
  4. The Recognition Committee will meet in February of each year.  The committee shall consist of four faculty members and four staff members.  The Vice Presidents of Finance and Administration, Student Services, and Academics will serve as ex officio members.
  5. By March 1 of each year the recommendations of the Recognition Committee will be forwarded to the President for final determination.

The criteria for this exceptional honor will be as follows:

  1. A minimum of ten years of full-time employment at Cleveland State Community College.
  2. Individuals shall be eligible for emeritus status upon completion of one year of retirement from the institution.
  3. Individuals receiving the honor must have demonstrated extraordinary service to the college.  This could be exemplified by, but not limited to, the following:
    1. For Faculty
      1. Recipient of a Distinguished Faculty or STAR Award
      2. Active member of professional organization(s)
      3. Active participant on college and/or TBR committees
      4. Planning and implementation of new and alternative instruction programs
      5. Consistently outstanding annual student evaluations
      6. Community Service as active chair and/or member of community service club and/or charitable organization
      7. Thirty or more years of service to the college
    2. Other Emeriti
      1. Recipient of an annual Outstanding Staff Member Award
      2. Serve on college committees especially in the following capacities:
      3. Serve as Staff Senate President
      4. Serve as a Staff Development Chair
      5. Serve as a Staff Senate Representative
      6. Chair of an ad hoc Committee
      7. Community Service as active chair and/or member of community service club and/or charitable organization
      8. Thirty or more years of service to the college

Emeriti shall be entitled to:

  1. Recognition at the annual retirees’ luncheon where they will receive a memento of the occasion and their emeritus status.
  2. Recognition at the graduation ceremony following the awarding of emeritus status.
  3. Listing among the emeriti in the college catalog.
  4. Pictured in the gallery of emeriti in the Foundation Room.
  5. An identification card designating the holder as emeritus and entitling the holder access to designated facilities and services.  The privileges and benefits carry with them the same responsibility as for a regular employee.

Source:  TBR Policy 5:02:01:10
Revised:  December 1, 1992;  Revised and approved by President’s Cabinet on October 20, 2008.