Policy No. 5:02:02:02


SUBJECT:  Salary Increment for Faculty Promotion in Rank

Promotion in rank is awarded by positive action of the Tennessee Board of Regents upon the recommendation of the President.  Promotion may be granted to an eligible faculty member who has demonstrated outstanding performance in teaching, service to the college, professional growth, and ability to work effectively in promoting the goals of the college and the department in which he or she is employed.  As such, promotion is a recognition on the part of the College and the Board that the faculty member has demonstrated the ability and talent to undertake the additional demands and responsibilities of the new rank to which he or she is promoted.  In recognition of those new and additional responsibilities, the College awards a base salary adjustment with each promotion in rank, such adjustments becoming effective in the fiscal academic year immediately following the awarding of promotion by the Tennessee Board of Regents, unless otherwise stipulated by the Chancellor or the Board.

The amount of the base salary adjustment that one receives is contingent upon the rank to which one has been promoted as follows based on the approved compensation plan.  The faculty member will be moved to their target salary within the salary range for the newly approved rank.

Source:  TBR Policy 5:02:02:30 and Cleveland State Policy 5:02:02:01.

Revised:  November 4, 2015

Approved by:  President’s Cabinet November 17, 2015