Policy No. 5:03:09:00


SUBJECT:  Performance Evaluations of Non-Credit Faculty

  1. Introduction
    Effective August 1, 1992, the following policy is established relative to the performance evaluation of non-credit instructors.
  2. Rationale
    The performance evaluation of non-credit instructors is essential to the maintenance of a quality instructional program.
  3. Policy
    1. During the final class meeting of each non-credit class, students will be afforded the opportunity to evaluate anonymously the course and the instructor.
    2. After the final class meeting, the Director of Continuing Education will analyze the student evaluation results and provide the instructor with a written summary evaluation of his/her instructional performance.
    3. The non-credit instructor(s) will be asked to sign the written summary evaluation and afforded an opportunity to provide written comments about the summary evaluation report.
    4. The summary evaluation, along with the instructor’s comments, will be placed in the employee’s personnel record.

Revised: December 1, 1992