Policy No. 5:06:00:00


SUBJECT:  Retirement

Except as otherwise provided herein, all regular full-time employees of the Tennessee Board of Regents and Cleveland State Community College shall be members of a state-supported retirement system, subject to the eligibility provisions of Title 8, Chapter 35, Tennessee Code Annotated, as amended.  Regular part-time employees are eligible to become members of a state-supported retirement system, but such membership is not mandatory.  Regular academic, executive, administrative, and professional employees of the Board and Cleveland State shall have the option of becoming members of either the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System or the Board of Regents Optional Retirement Program, pursuant to T.C.A. section 8-35-101 et seq., and policies and guidelines of the Board.

  1. Employees who are members of the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System are eligible to retire upon attainment of age 60 or upon completion of 30 years of creditable service.
  2. Employees who are members of the optional retirement program may retire at any time permissible under the provisions of the annuity contracts purchased from the designated carrier of the program.

Any person who has served as the president of Cleveland State for a period of not less than 10 years and has attained the age of 60 while being employed by the Board may, upon approval of the Board, be retired as President Emeritus of Cleveland State, with portfolio status, subject to part-time   consultant services which may be assigned by the Board, at an annual salary of 20 percent of his or her last year’s salary, exclusive of perquisites, to be paid monthly from institution appropriations as authorized by T.C.A. section 8-39-301 through -303.

Source:  TBR Policy No. 5:01:03:00
Revised: January 1, 1993, August 30, 1993