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SUBJECT:  Interlibrary Loan Policy

  1. Introduction
    Interlibrary loan services supplement a library’s resources by providing access to certain materials located in other libraries.  Access is gained through direct loan for a specified time from participating libraries.  The interlibrary loan process is regulated by the Tennessee Interlibrary Loan Code, 1974, and the Tennessee Resource sharing Agreement, 1992, for interlibrary loans within the State of Tennessee; and by the National Interlibrary Loan Code of 1980 accepted and approved by the American Library Association for loans outside the State of Tennessee.
  2. Definition
    Interlibrary loans apply to library and media materials and/or photocopies of library materials provided through the Cleveland State Community College library to or from participating libraries.
  3. Purpose
    The purpose of interlibrary loans is to gain or grant access to certain materials not owned by participating libraries.  The activity is undertaken with the belief that reciprocity is mutually beneficial.
  4. Scope
    Library and media center materials may be requested for loan by libraries who participate in the Interlibrary Loan program.  The request may be for materials or photocopies.  The decision on loan requests shall be made by the Head Librarian.  Any exception to this policy shall be approved by the President of the college.
    The following types of materials will not be loaned without the approval of the President:
    1. Any material which can be photocopied at nominal cost.
    2. Faculty reserves.
    3. Reference books.
    4. Books from the legal library.
    5. Audiovisuals (restricted to local patrons and TBR institutions).
    6. College-produced videocassettes.
  5. Loan Requests
    Loan requests should be directed to the Head Librarian.  Borrowing libraries shall use the appropriate ALA approved interlibrary loan form or electronic format.  All information shall be verified in the standard sources.  The name and title of the requesting person shall be listed on the interlibrary loan form.  Telephone requests should not be honored.  Repeated violations of the ALA National Interlibrary Loan Code of 1980 will result in the loss of borrowing privileges.
  6. Duration of Loan
    Unless otherwise specified, the duration of the loan will be two weeks.  Renewals will be granted in cases where sufficient need has been established.  Material on loan is subject to recall any time.
    Photocopying of loaned material is permitted in accordance with copyright laws.
  7. Conditions of Loans
    The borrowing library assumes responsibility for the loss or damage of loaned material.  The lending library reserves the right to limit the use of certain materials to “for use in the library only.”
  8. Notification and Acknowledgment of Loan Requests
    The lending library shall notify the requesting library promptly as to the availability of the requested material.  If a request cannot be honored, an explanation will be provided.
  9. Expenses
    The borrowing library will be responsible for all expense pertaining to the loan or photocopying transaction.  Charges for copying and/or postage will be billed at prevailing rates on the ALA approved interlibrary loan form.  All funds received from library loans or copying will be turned over to the Business Office.

Revised:  December 1, 1992