Student Health Insurance Exchange

All Students

  • To assist our students in obtaining student health insurance, the following Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) website introduces the NEW Student Health Insurance Exchange available for all Cleveland State students. From this website, you can assess, shop, and enroll for plans ON & OFF the Exchanges.
  • The website address is:
  • For questions regarding the Exchange options, call 1-800-647-4104 or visit


  • Our international student provider is ISP (International Student Protection)
  • The website for enrollment is:
  • Students enroll and pay through the website. You may print a certificate of coverage and an electronic copy of your ID card, immediately upon payment. A hard copy of the ID card can be sent within 7-10 days.
  • The contact person at ISP is Jim Bueno. He may be reached at:
    Jim Bueno
    Senior Account Executive
    International Student Protection

    J. Deutsch Associates
    111 John St., Suite 750
    New York, NY 10038
    T. 877-738-5787
    F. 212-693-4753
  • Due to large claims incurred in the first year (2014), this year’s international plan rates have increased.
  • The premiums for the 2015/2016 International Plan through ISP are shown below:
    International Non-Athlete Annual Premiums
    Student (Non-Athlete) $864 ($72/mpnth)
    Student (Athlete) $1,116 ($93/mpnth)
    StudentPlus Spouse $4,200 ($350/month)
    Student Plus Each Child $3,000 ($250/month)