Regents Online Degree Program (RODP)

Information on Attendance Verification for Financial Aid

For students who receive Hope Scholarship, Pell Grants or other financial aid, the report on your attendance in RODP courses is automatic. When you enter your course for the first time, a record is made automatically of your log in. That information is provided to your home school financial aid office after the 4th and 15th class dates. Your instructor does not report your attendance in RODP classes! The Financial Aid Office can view the report in order to then process your financial aid. Refund checks are not available until after the 4th and 15th class dates.

Textbooks for RODP Classes

All textbooks for RODP classes are ordered from the RODP Virtual Bookstore. The bookstore at Cleveland State does not carry the books for RODP classes. Stated another way, books for RODP classes are not available from the Cleveland State Bookstore. Be certain and order your books in a timely manner as it takes 4-7 days for them to be shipped. Waiting to order your books can result in falling behind in your assignments.

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