Language Arts Learning Center

The purpose of the Language Arts Learning Center (LALC) is to provide academic assistance to any student enrolled at Cleveland State Community College in any credit or non-credit course.


Humanities Building
 H-219 & H-225


Not available at the moment


Mandatory lab time plus walk-in assistance is available for students who are enrolled in Basic Reading or Developmental Reading


There is a mandatory lab time for students who are enrolled in DSPW 0700 Basic Writing. Software tutorials are available to any CSCC student who would like a grammar and/or punctuation review.


Mandatory weekly labs for SPAN 1010, 1020, 2010, and 2020 allow students to practice hearing , reading, writing, and speaking Spanish

My Math Lab

An internet-based program for students in Elementary and Intermediate Algebra

Foreign Languages

Presently, CSCC offers Spanish 1010, 1020, 2010, and 2020 to fulfill the foreign language component for most four-year institutions. In addition to the five sections of Spanish this semester, both professors offer generous office hours for one-on-one explanation and review of any areas of difficulty for their students. Each class has a co-requisite of a weekly, one hour-long language lab, where students work through assigned portions of an on-line “virtual” workbook while having the opportunity to reinforce what is taught in the classroom by practicing vocabulary, grammar, and conversation using the lab’s computer/audio equipment. The language lab also serves as the unofficial office for the CSCC Spanish Club (sponsored by Prof. Hoffer), which extends the context for the practice and use of Spanish by organizing on- and off-campus activities centered on Hispanic culture.