Clubs & Organizations

Have plans to make your imprint on the culture of Cleveland State Community College? Want to make great memories of your time in college? Fulfill these desires and more by joining a club or organization at CSCC. Look below for a listing of some of the clubs and organizations that would benefit from your membership.

Club Registration Packet

Request Fund Raising Activity

Request for Student Government Activity Fee Funds

Event Evaluation Form

Baptist Collegiate Ministries has its own facility adjacent to the campus. The BCM has a spiritual program for people of all faiths. This organization participates in mission trips, retreats and other fellowship activities. Free lunch is provided on Thursdays to all students, and the center is open each day from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Contact Stephen Johnson, BCM sponsor or Liz Mosley in H-113B or extension 363 for more information.

Chemistry Society For more information, contact Verrill Norwood in S202 D or ext. 243.

Computer Aided Design For more information contact Chuck Barkley in T-101F or ext. 316.

The Curtain Call Society For more information, contact Holly Shiveley in H105 or ext. 418.

Early Childhood Education Club supports the field of education, assists the college with recruiting and retaining students and promotes a spirit of friendship among students interested in improving the field of education. Membership is open to all Cleveland State students with an interest in education, particularly to those planning or considering a career in the field of education. Contact sponsor Margaret Horton (ext. 371 or office H203 E) or Suzanne Wood (ext. 282 or office H119 F) for more information.

International Club is designed to promote and acknowledge the diversity of different cultures at Cleveland State and in the community. The adviser is Alejandra Hoffer (ext. 332 or office H-119C).

Medical Assistant Student Association promotes the identity and stature of its members and the medical assisting profession through community service, education and providing credentials. For information, contact Karmon Kingsley at ext. 702.

Phi Theta Kappa is the international honor society that recognizes the achievement among students at two year colleges.  The largest honor society in the world, Phi Theta Kappa membership is invitation only.  Membership is offered in fall and spring to students that show outstanding academic performance.   Membership entitles you to the privilege of special recognition at graduation, eligibility for over $36 million dollars in scholarship funds, and the opportunity to develop friendships and leadership skills that will last a lifetime.  Contact Larry Burns (ext. 719 or office L-107) or Matthew Tolbert (ext.309 or office H-107) for more information.

Social Work Organization meets the first and third Tuesday of each month during the academic year at 12:30 p.m. in the Humanities Building. The club averages 20 members and is very active on campus and in the community. They participate in Octoberfest, College/Career Day and CSCC Day. Club members collect food baskets for social service agencies in November, stuffed animals for child abuse victims in February, sponsor the Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April and co-sponsor Drug Abuse Prevention week in November. Additionally, they have fundraising activities throughout the year and sponsor a reception for National Social Work Month in March. Membership is free and anyone is welcome to join. For more information, contact Jana Pankey at ext. 438 or office H-203.

Student Ambassadors serve as representatives for the college by receiving visitors to the campus, visiting area high schools and assisting college staff at many campus functions. Student Ambassadors are considered on the basis of academic achievement, leadership skills, character, poise and articulation. If you’re interested in becoming a Student Ambassador, contact Heather Brown (ext. 366 or office U-117K) .

Student Art League is a place where artists and people with an interest in art come together to create opportunities for visual art related events on and off campus.  You do not have to be an artist to join.  For more information, contact Mark McLeod (ext. 431 or G-024).

Student Nurses’ Association is comprised of all students enrolled in the nursing program. The chief purposes of SNA are to encourage scholarship and leadership and to promote civic responsibility and community service. For more information, contact Judy Norton (ext. 379 or office E-208A) or Priscilla Simms (ext. 377 or office E 208C).

Student Senate is the students’ voice to the administration. The Student Senate strives to improve the quality of student life through legislation as well as through the  programs and activities it promotes. Contact Dr. Michael Stokes (ext. 218, office U-110 A) and Katie Willingham (ext. 263, office G-114A) for more information .

Vocal Rhapsody is a 16-20 member auditioned vocal ensembles performing a variety of music including traditional choral, classical, Broadway and contemporary/popular songs.  Their goals are to offer a high quality and challenging musical learning experience for CSCC, serve as ambassadors for CSCC throughout the service area by performing, enable CSCC students the opportunity to develop talent and skills that will be useful throughout life, and to offer an opportunity for total student engagement and involvement, while providing numerous opportunities for campus and community service while learning.  Auditions are open to any student or faculty member at Cleveland State Community College.  For more information, contact Karen Dale in C101 B or ext. 303.

The Wildlife Society For more information, contact Robert Brewer at extension 342 or Office S102 A. 

Cleveland State Athletics. Cleveland State Community College is a member of the National Junior College Athletic Association and the Tennessee Community College Athletic Association and maintains a strong program of intercollegiate sports. Recognition has included state and regional championships and national rankings. Team sports of baseball, men and women’s basketball, and women’s softball are available. NJCAA player eligibility standards apply. For more information on these programs, contact the respective coach.

Guidelines & Standards

Club standards, established for recognized student organizations of Cleveland State Community College, are as follows:

  • To have one or more advisers who are members of the college faculty or staff.
  • To submit to the Office of Student Activities or Vice President of Student Services no later than October of each year, a report consisting of:
    • A complete list of eligible officers and members.
    • A general statement of purpose or constitution and bylaws.
    • The signature of acceptance of the adviser. (The group advisor must approve this report.)
    • Names of officers for the coming year.
    • Name of Student Senate representative and alternate.
  • To limit membership to students of Cleveland State Community College.
  • To limit activities of the group, and in so far as possible those of its individual members, to conduct which is within the limits of city, country, state, federal and college regulations.
  • To recognize the president of the group as the administrative head spokesman. He/she signs petitions for the group and agrees to the college regulations.


Any social functions scheduled must be submitted on a form and approved by the Vice President of Student Services.

  • Failure to meet these prescribed standards or for the infraction of any regulation of the Vice President of Student Services may be penalized by:
    • Denial of recognition of the group as an organization.
    • Denial of use of college facilities.
    • Forfeiture of right to representation in other college organizations, Student Senate, etc.
    • Forfeiture of right to representation in the Student Handbook or other publications.
    • Denial of privilege of some or all social activities for a definite period.
    • Forfeiture of right to function as a group, including forfeiture of charter. The vice president of Student Services and the president of CSCC must approve this penalty.

Clubs & Committee Representation

Clubs will be assigned to Committees by Student Senate.  List will be posted soon.

Club Rewards Program

Request for Student Government Funds

All registered campus organizations may request up to $500 annually through the Student Senate. A Student Government Funds Request Form must be completed and submitted to the Student Senate for review and approval in a Senate meeting.

Program Details

All registered campus organizations are eligible to accumulate an additional $500 for club activities. Each club can partner/volunteer/coordinate events in two different categories:

  • Community Service/Volunteerism: This category consists of any event in which your club sponsors/volunteers or partners with an agency/event that promotes and involves community participation.
  • Campus Activities: This category consists of any event in which your club sponsors/volunteers or partners with an agency/event that promotes and involves the Cleveland State campus community (students/faculty/staff).

Although not always possible, it is encouraged that when volunteering or coordinating events, more than one person from your organization be involved in the effort.

Point System for Club Rewards

Clubs/Organizations may receive the maximum amount of $500 annually by volunteering/coordinating/participating in a total of 10 events throughout the school year. This equates to $50 for each activity. To receive the max amount, clubs need to be involved with at least one event in each category. In other words, you may be involved in nine community events, but the 10th must be a campus event or vice-versa.
All monies are awarded at the end of each semester.
To be eligible for this additional money, your organization must:

  • Turn in minutes at the end of each month listing club reward activities.
  • Have consistent representation at Senate meetings throughout the year.
    • No club representation at one Senate meeting per semester – no penalty
    • No club representation at two Senate meetings per semester – only eligible for 50 percent of monies accumulated
    • No club representation at three or more Senate meetings per semester – not eligible for any additional monies accumulated

*Monies accumulated are credited to your club account in the Student Activities Office at the end of each semester.
Proposal Summary*

  • All registered clubs can request up to $250 annually through the Student Senate.
  • All registered clubs can accumulate up to an additional $500 per year by volunteering/partnering/coordinating campus and community events.
  • The additional funds accumulate at a rate of $50 per event, for up to 10 events, and at least one in each category is required for full award.
  • Eligibility for additional funds depends upon Senate representation per semester and turning in club minutes at the end of each month with club reward activities listed.
  • Additional monies are credited at the end of each semester.