Cleveland State Community College strives to make college affordable to everyone interested in higher education.  We provide scholarships to new high school graduates, transfer students, non-traditional students, low-income students, and minority students.  Below you will find some information on the different scholarship programs that we offer as well as the link to apply for these scholarships.

How to Apply

All of our scholarships are available through our online scholarship application.  Applicants can complete the general application for most scholarship opportunities, although some scholarships are so unique that students will need to answer additional questions to qualify for those funds.

Please click the links below to view the various available scholarships and application requirements in our online scholarship application.

Available Scholarships 
Online Scholarship Application

Scholarship Opportunities

  • Foundation Scholarships
  • Promise Plus Scholarship Programs
  • Principal's Academic Service Scholarship Program
  • Access & Diversity Grants
  • TN Scholars Scholarship Program
  • Athletic Scholarships
  • Other Scholarships

Foundation Scholarship

Each year, the Cleveland State Community College Foundation provides a number of scholarships based on academic achievement and need.  Students can browse all available Foundation Scholarship awards and requirements using the online scholarship application.  Recipients are required to write thank-you letters to the sponsors of their scholarship.

Minimum Requirements

  • 2.5 GPA
  • Must enroll in at least 6 credit hours each semester
  • Must submit thank-you letters to the Foundation Office

Promise Plus Scholarship Programs

Presidential Honors Scholarship

The Presidential Honors Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship for the top high school graduates who attend CSCC. Students must be accepted into the CSCC Honors Program and will also participate in a Presidential Leadership Program. The Presidential Honors Scholarship is designed to assist students with books and other educational expenses, such a non-mandatory fees.

Minimum Requirements

     • 3.5 High School GPA or 24 minimum ACT score (or comparable SAT scores)
     • Must enroll in at least 15 credit hours each semester
     • Must be accepted into the Honors Program.

Adult Promise

Adult Promise is a need-based, last-dollar scholarship for adult students who are seeking their first degree. Students must complete a FAFSA to determine eligibility, and maintain a 2.5 GPA.

Minimum Requirements

     • 2.5 High School GPA or comparable high school equivalency exam scores
     • Must enroll in at least 6 credit hours each semester
     • Must be need-eligible as determined by the Free Application for Student Aid (

Principal's Academic Service Scholarship

The Principal's Academic Service Scholarship is available to new high school graduates who are enrolling at Cleveland State Community College as Freshmen. Recipients are assigned to an office on campus to contribute 75 hours of service each semester. 

Minimum Requirements

  • Must be an incoming high school graduate
  • 2.9 – 3.5 GPA and 19 – 25 ACT minimum requirements
  • 75 work hours per semester
  • 12-15 credit hours per semester

Ambassadors Scholarship

The Cleveland State Ambassadors Scholarship is available to students who are accepted as part of the Ambassadors Program. Cleveland State Ambassadors serve the Office of Admissions and Recruiting as college representatives for tours, special events, school visits, and other campus functions.

Minimum Requirements

     • 2.5 GPA
     • 12 credit hours per semester

Access & Diversity Grant

Access & Diversity scholarships provide awards to students who might not fit the traditional definition of a college student.  In general, recipients must either be 25 years or older, low income, or majoring in a STEM field.  Access & Diversity awards are available to all Cleveland State students.

Minimum Requirements

  • 2.5 GPA or 450 HSE
  • Must enroll in at least 6 credit hours each semester

Tennessee Scholars Scholarship

The TN Scholars program provides a scholarship award to new incoming Freshmen who successfully completed the TN Scholars volunteer program offered through their high school.  The students who are awarded this scholarship will be expected to continue their volunteer service by volunteering 10 hours of their time each semester to their campus and community.  Recipients will also perform one service date with Junior Achievement, an organization that works with local elementary and middle schools.

Minimum Requirements

  • 2.5 GPA and 19 ACT
  • Successful completion of the TN Scholars program in high school
  • 10 hours of campus and community service each semester
  • Assist with Junior Achievement for 10 hours each semester
  • Incoming Freshmen must enroll in a Service Learning course in the Fall and Spring

Athletic Scholarships

In addition to athletic scholarship funds offered by the Athletic Department, student athletes can also qualify for Academic Performance scholarships in the Academic Service program.  Recipients of Academic Performance Scholarships must perform 75 hours of work each semester with their coaches and teammates by maintaining fields, working concessions, etc.

Minimum Requirements

  • 2.9 GPA
  • Recipients selected by Cleveland State coaching staff

Other Scholarships

Students can also qualify for outside scholarships provided by third-party organizations.  Cleveland State will verify attendance and process the scholarship funds from community groups, corporations, churches, and other organizations.

Outside scholarship opportunities are not listed on this page because they are not limited to Cleveland State students, but they will occasionally be available through the online scholarship application located at the top of this page.

Contact Information

If you still have questions or need to turn in scholarship documents to the Financial Aid Office, please visit the Enrollment Services Center in the Student Center or contact us via e-mail at